Inspired Keynotes by Mark Antoine

any moment we share with authenticity will create a lifetime memory


Mark Antoine is a renowned TV host and master of ceremonies for prestigious international clients.

He is fluent in English, French and Spanish and hosts TV shows, award ceremonies, plenary sessions, Multicam TV sets, interviews and any corporate events.

Since his early years, he had a passion for entertaining the crowds which led him to be an Emcee. A master of ceremonies. Mark Antoine hosts staged events, organizes corporate events such as awards ceremonies, and embodies the image of a company for major events. He can easily engage with the audience to keep the ceremony flowing as smoothly as possible.

Mark Antoine is a corporate event host, in other words he is the facilitator of your event. Whether you are planning a conference, the launch of a new product, a party or a seminar, he makes sure your guests are entertained and are glued to their seat throughout the event. He sets the tone right for the event to flow smoothly and can accompany the speakers in order to give them a warm audience, and he can prepare them to have confidence in their speeches.

Mark Antoine is a TV host and the central element of a talk show. He can be an educator, interviewer, mediator or all three of them. He loves being in front of live audience and cameras.


Mark can successfully personify your brand image for your major events where communication is key. Being an experienced Master of Ceremonies, he can successfully host your official grand-scale events as well as more informal events.

He specializes in creating dynamic general sessions and has more than a decade of experience to his credit. His regular clients range from the healthcare industry to technology and financial industry. He makes use of the latest technology and compelling content to enhance his audience experience. Mark Antoine leaves his audience hungry for more.

He is always happy to use his communication skills in official meetings or business conferences. He speaks from his heart and has an empowering presence.

He is a great motivational speaker who inspires the audience. He helps companies inspire their employees to work together and to assist them to see their future in a positive light.

Being a Master of Ceremony is one of the passions of MARK ANTOINE.

Becoming the fundamental link of an event and playing the role of Monsieur Loyal is a challenging art.

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Based in Miami, Florida, USA, Mark Antoine is an inspirational speaker who creates content in an attempt to motivate and inspire his audience to focus on their dreams. He adds a fresh approach to the event and ensures that it flows smoothly throughout. He understands that being a Master of Ceremonies, he needs to interact with his audience in the simplest language possible to make it easy for them to understand.

Mark ANTOINE studied and trained at the Royal Academy of Art Dramatic (RADA) in London. He is perfectly bilingual in English and French. He is also fluent in Spanish.

His drama studies give him singularity, humor and ease on stage to perform for any kind of event.

He hosts the awarded TV show Artzooka on France 5. He also coaches employees to give them the confidence they need on stage when they speak in public. He encourages and helps them to capture attention, create the necessary link between the speaker and the audience - a profound and singular link that allows listening, hearing and assimilating messages.